This elegant basket has been carefully curated to provide you and your loved ones with the best time of relaxation. The Bliss Bundle isn’t just like any other basket full of treats, it’s been lavished with a pair of our signature scent essential oils and pocket hand sanitizers. What better way to show your loved one you care about them? Gift them a Bliss Bundle with your own special message for a special day, or just because!


Bundle Includes:

2x 10ml Pure Essential Essential Oils*

2x 20ml Hand Sanitisers*

1x Dried Flower Bouquet

1x Picnic Basket

1x Blisstrope Exclusive Pouch

1x Blisstrope Postcard


*Scent of your choice, otherwise, random scents will be given.

Blisstrope Bundle Basket

  • 18cm(L) x 15cm(B) x 28cm(H)