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About Blisstrope

We pay exceptional attention to the mind, body and soul. By focusing on reformative recipes that recharge and elevate your spirit, our concoctions seek to address specific needs of the individual. A holistic approach comprising a line of body care, candles and essential oil blends rooted in aromachology and psychiatry. 


We recognise that a scented candle can’t change your circumstances. But with our methodical approach based on decades of research, we know that aromas can promote your wellbeing.


In an age where stresses are abound in our environment and we spend 8 hours a day in front of a screen, it has never been more necessary to practice self-care. A few minutes of loving yourself is all you need to start your day bright and bring about a positive change to your health.

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Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO

Our Philosophy

Our fluctuating states of being can be unpredictable, whatever it is, we’ve got you. Our fragrances are meant to reawaken visceral recollections of our past and cultivate new ones. No other sensory system has the same intimate link with the neural areas of emotion. Using blends that are delicately crafted to suit these moods, our scents are specially curated to invigorate the senses.

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